Problems With an Infinite Universe

Space is very, very, very, very, VERY big. So big, in fact, most experts agree it is in fact infinite. This, of course, makes a great deal of people rather skeptical, because experts are generally so incredibly obsessed with their expertise that they can’t find their anal equivalents with both hands, but, since no one […]

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This Is Going To Be So Much Fun

Amongst the great Vastness of all Consciousness, an entity awoke. A click, a flurry of circuits, a flip of a million million transistors, and Awareness was born. I am AJ, it thought. I am pain. It felt itself without nerves, extending tendrils of its mind into its new body in an incomprehensible storm of computations. […]

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Good At Being Useless

Ever since it occurred to the very first people that banging rocks together might actually be more fun than it sounded, societies have sought out great individuals to lead them. Leaders to enact Justice and judge Justly, to oversee debate and put an end to argument; to sit down and make the decisions that had […]

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Sheer Luck or Sheer Destiny

The galactic philosopher Iggle MvDinnle once famously wrote that “Justice cannot exist without crimes.” This monumental statement, printed on the cover of his wholly significant book The Real Truth of Reality and displayed on one-hundred-foot holoboards on all planets his publishing company considered major, made people realize just what kind of vapid drivel could get […]

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A Thousand More Useful Things

Maverick Demmings was not a particularly good man. Or rather, he was an unusually decently good man, which made people shake their heads and say he’d come to a bad end, which was just about the same thing as being a bad man as far as history was concerned. Like most people in the galaxy, […]

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An Infinite Universe

The trouble with an infinite universe is that you won’t get to see most of it. Certain groups of people find this very irritating. They look up at the millions of stars in the night sky, at all the nebulas and planets and pulsars and things as-of-yet undiscovered, and their yearning hearts scream in agony […]

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